About Us

imgChelsey Henry is an an innovative company that designs and distributes fashionable, multi-functional handbags, laptop bags, travel bags, totes, and accessories for the everyday modern woman with a mobile lifestyle and multiple roles.

Co-founders Chelsey and Henry joined forces to start the company in 2004.  The vision was to build a leading brand that inspires a lifestyle of grace and balance for on-the-go women.  Chelsey Henry's market research reinforced how important a woman's handbag is to her life and her identity.  Out of this insight came Chelsey Henry's tagline, "My Life's in My Bag." 

In 2010 the brand was acquired by Chelsey Henry Holdings, LLC.  Teaming with Seattle designer Tara Sauvage, the company continues to design the Chelsey Henry line and also distributes Tara's upscale Italian leather line under the "Rocco e Dante" brand.  With both brands, Chelsey Henry remains focused on the modern woman: smart, stylish and on-the go. She inspires confidence and strength as she glides through life's challenges. Chelsey Henry Bags get her there prepared, organized and in style. 


Chelsey Henry Holdings, LLC

P.O. Box 9691

Seattle, WA  98109

(206) 316-2100


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